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Activities from Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach:

See Video: SImple Robotics Fall 2014 http://youtu.be/fvghHG3mAwc

(1) Plastic Pieces Only( to understand Technics building system)

Tell Me About Yourself: In 15 minutes, build something of Lego pieces that expresses something about you- interests, origin,etc.

A Chair for Mr. Bear- Basic building with Lego beams

Build a Box- Build a box, using the NxT brick as its base, with a hinged lid, that will contain two Lego  balls or similar objects.

Challenge level: Add a latch.
( Barbara Bratzel)

Fishing Pole: Build a fishing pole at least 24" long of Lego beams with a string at the end that can hook wooden 'fish' set in a toy wading pool.

Challenge level: Create a winding system for the fishing line with a crank and gears.

Comments: How many pins are needed to create a stable frame?

(2) Simple Robots( 2 motors):

Silly Walks- Build a vehicle that does NOT use wheels and moves in a silly way. See Tufts Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8FDFC770343D3280

Challenge level: Create silly walk robot that uses linkages ( http://www.thenxtstep.com/2013/04/lego-silly-walking-machines.html ). See also Theo Jansen Strandbeest ( http://youtu.be/rebf6-pQhF0 ).

Snail Car- Using gear trains, build a car that goes the slowest, given that both motors are on full power.

Challenge Level: Make a drag racer that goes the fastest using gears ( trade-off of speed versus torque).

Clock: Make a clock with second and minute hands that rotate at the correct speeds. Hands do not need to rotate continuously.

Parking Space Challenge- (1) Measure how far your car goes with a given time/rotations (2) Enable your car to "stop" in a randomly assigned parking space.

Challenge level: Park in several spaces, or parallel park.

Stop for Pedestrians- (1) Measure how far your car goes with a given time/rotations (2) See how close your car can stop to a crosswalk without running over the minifigures.

Maze Challenge- (1) Using dead reckoning, program your vehicle to navigate a maze using the rotation sensor( http://youtu.be/gfCkNSNFhCQ )

Challenge Level:  Using a color sensor, program your vehicle to 'read' colored tape road instructions( http://youtu.be/4M9gJQGYsTI )

Draw Bot  Program your robot to draw a square on the floor using a felt-tipped marker.

 Challenge Level:  Draw a more complex image.

(3) Sensor- Based Challenges:

Sensor Investigations- Investigate what each of the sensors does, and have the robot do something interesting using the sensor.

 Examples: Start on sound, stop on white, stop on distance, back up if touched.

Ball Sweeper/Snow Plow/Candy Push-
Push as much candy to your area- eat what you win!

Line Follower -(1) Program your robot to follow a black-white edge using a one-motor algorithm (2) Modify the algorithm to go faster by giving some power to othe other motor (3) Make a faster algorithm that goes straight with full power if sensor in a given mid-range.

Challenge Level: Pedestrian Avoidance- Modify your line follower algorithm to avoid pedestrian 'obstructions' sensed with the ultrasonic sensor.

Color Line Follower: Using color sensor and multi-case switch  statements- program your robot to follow a track marked in 3 colors slow, medium, and fast  http://youtu.be/3nD7PKcPpWw

Walk the Dog- (1)Drive your robot using a pair of touch sensors to control left and right motors

Challenge Level: Have your robot dog bark or run away or do it's business if it sees a certain color

Robotic Claw: (1)Build a robotic claw that can pick up a ball (2) end it with two more motors (3) Use the Record function to teach it to do a task

Mini-Golf : Create a mini-golf hole. When you putt a golf ball into the hole, your robot must try to block it or respond in some way with motions, sounds, lights, etc.

Toilet flusher: Create system that plays flushing sound after toilet used.

Traffic Light System:  Create a traffic light system with red, yellow and green lights( use EV3 lights)
  • Add a push-to-cross button that enables pedestrians to cross safely
  • Add walk/don't walk display
  • Add audio instructions for the blind
  • Add traffic control that adjusts timing depending on traffic conditions
(4) Project-based Challenges:

LEGO Amusement Park: Build a Lego carnival ride. Must need a ticket to start, run for a certain time, have sounds and movements.

Sociable Robots- Make a robot  that responds socially with words, sounds, and actions to human actions.

Challenge Level:Puppet Show- Have your robot act out a script of interactions, by itself or with a second robot.

Robotic Zoo- Build a robotic creature with at least two sensors and several behaviors

Artbotics- Kinetic Art:

NxT/EV3 Player Piano: Use the color or light sensor to 'read' a roll of paper with a song encoded using 1" color dots. A second sensor could be used to read a parallel row of dots controlling volume, or a second note. Movement of the paper roll is controlled by a motor-driven roller.( see http://youtu.be/1MNcMi80ri8  ). Music could also be configured as a rotating disk.

Tune could also be encoded onto a paper disk(like an LP record) rotated by a motor past a sensor.

Rollerball- Create a 2' x 2' track that uses sensors, pushers, and mechanism to make a ball turn corners and change levels,etc.

Put Stuff away( best for EV3): Build robot that will receive objects it is given, and sort them into different piles depending on color

Transportation System

(5) Advanced Challenges:

Self-Parking Vehicle- vehicle finds an empty parking spot, then parallel parks into it

Virtual Springs:
Build a car that follows the car in front of it using the ultrasonic and a proportional controller. Video: http://youtu.be/Tys8-F6MiQo

Build-A-Game: Create an interactive game for children 4-8, that requires them to hit things, turn knobs, throw balls, etc. Must be non-violent.

Microwave Oven- Run simulated oven for a selected time, with safety interlocks( http://youtu.be/i6BeiRYRkWw )

Voting Booth- take in paper ballots, tally votes for bubbled-in candidates.

Keep Score Game- Keep track of basketball hoop shots

Etch-a-Sketch- Draw on screen using motor rotation sensors to control etch-a-sketch in drawing mode.

Elevator- Program motor to control an elevator car. Should display current and requested floor.  Must decide correct direction, then stop car at the requested floor


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