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Schoolyard Geology Walk    
  • Short Geological History of Boston Geology- Laurentia, Avalonia, and Pangea
  • Animation- continental drift
  • Rocks vs Minerals
  • Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Rocks- examine samples
  • Glacial Till- Deposited by Laurentide Ice Sheet
  • Erratics- Boulders dropped by Retreating Glacier
  • Wetlands- High water Table overlying Ledge(Bedrock)
  • Bedrock- Massachusetts Geological Map
  • Intrusions
  • Schoolyard- Glacial Till; examine various types of rocks
  • Granite Bedrock by Sugar House- note red feldspar, quartz crystals, mica Rocks and Minerals


Rocks and Minerals Resources:

Local Geology:
Rocks and Minerals Animations, http://www.uky.edu/AS/Geology/howell/goodies/
Mineralogy 4 kids,
Bill Nye on Rocks and Minerals:











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