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Grade 7 Design-Construction

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Cathedrals and Bridges:



Simple Highway Overpass- A Beam Bridge:

Post-and-Beam Bridge, Beverly, MA

Echo Bridge

Echo Bridge Aqueduct, Newton, MA


Champlain Bridge, Montreal Canada- Cantilever Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City- Note suspension and cable-stayed features

Bridge on Route 95, Connecticut- Truss and Cantilever

Sagamore Bridge, Cape Cod

Camelback bridge,Maine

Penobscot Bridges, Bucksport, Maine

Section through Penobscot Bridge Box beam

Covered Wood Truss Bridge, Jackson, NH

Cobweb in Room 143- A structure solely in tension

Forces must stay balanced for a structure to be stable!

A bicycle frame is a truss

Tower Crane- What parts are in tension? In compression?


Topping-Out Ceremony- Weston High School Science Wing

Skyscraper by Frank Gehry, NYC

National Geographic: Denmark to Sweden Bridge

West Point Bridges Sept 23rd

Strauss Bascule Bridge at North Station

 Gateshead Millenium Bridge(Video)

Box Beam Road Structure, Charlestown

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