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SketchUp Tutorials

Should be watched individually by students using a separate window or on Ipad with headphones, stopping video periodically and copying techniques.

SketchUp 101
Paper and pencil, computer
  Introduction to Furniture:

Build a Shaker Side Table( Group Project)

Students using SketchUp design a simple Shaker-style side table, working from a paper plan.

Each student then constructs a piece of the table, which is then assembled and finished.

 Sanding Block

Whistle Project

Make a  Push Stick
1x2 pine stock, #60 sandpaper, spray glue


Kitchenware- Spoons, spatulas, etc.

  • Using Gouges
  • Build one corrugated cardboard- revise until approved
  • Review sequence of construction
  • Build at least one of soft pine
  • Build Salad Set of hardwood ( may be laminated)
    • Serving Spoons
    • Ladles
    • Mugs
Chisels/Gouges, pine stick, strips of hardwood

Napkin Holder-

Design and construct a napkin holder/condiment caddy-

  • Sketch base, uprights
  • Make cardboard mock-up
  • Fabricate pieces and assemble
  • Finish
Freeform Pencil Holder

Costa Rica Napkin Holder
 Do Google image search for wooden napkin holder with salt and pepper shakers
   Miter Box:

Box Project

Eliot School Book Box Project
1/2 x 4 oak or aspen, router, miter saw, clamps, 3/4" oak, strips of tropical woods
   Cutting Boards:


maple, walnut, padauk or fir




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