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Grade 8 Design-Constructiont-Bandsaw Box Project

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BANDSAW BOX (parallel project)

  • Draw design for bandsaw box on paper- inside(body) and top cover
  • Sample Templates for yin yang box, etc.
  • If rotating cover, insure adequate base material
  • Using double-stick tape or a sparing amount of hot glue, glue together a sandwich of bottom cover material, body material, and top cover material.Glue top cover pattern on top.

  • Make relief cuts on bandsaw
  • Cut outside design close to line

  • Sand outside to line
  • Drill 3/8"peg holes if used, through top and body.
  • Separate blanks
  • Align body pattern to holes and glue on.
  • Drill 1/2" hole on inside
  • Cut through wall to hole, cut inside
  • Cut inside of box
  • Cut in half
  • Sand inside
  • Glue box body back together
  • If removable lid, trace inside of body onto thin piece, using registration marks.
  • Sand covers
  • Install pin or dowels

  • Finish as miter box- stain, etc.



Forces that act on structures


Woodworks by Donna


Jeff Green Woodworking

Bandsaw Box by Matt Kenney
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