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Grade 8 Design-Constructiont-Safety Rules 

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Safety Rules:

1. Wear approved safety glasses or goggles at all times during which any project work is done by yourself or by others in the room.

2. Students may not use woodworking machines until they have been given proper safety instructions by the instructor and received written safety approval from parent or guardian. Use of machines is a privilege which must be earned by demonstrating responsible behavior. Projects may be completed using hand tools as an alternative.

3. Machines must never be operated while instructor is out of room.

4. Machines must be UNPLUGGED and allowed to come to a dead stop before adjustments are made.

5. Long sleeves must be rolled up before operating machines. Also no loose or baggy clothes are allowed near machines. Open sandals should not be worn. Chains or jewelry must be removed completely, and long hair pinned back.

6. "Horseplay" is forbidden in the shop. No throwing anything or running, waving sticks, shooting missiles, etc.

7. Only the operator may turn the machine on and off, and is the only one allowed in the safety zone. The operator must wait at the machine until it has come to a complete stop. Do not walk away from a machine which is still running! This includes soldering irons and glue guns.

8. Keep guards in place, if the operation cannot be performed with it in place do not use the machine or tool; see the instructor in this instance.

9. Use push sticks to guide wood through band saws and the table saw.

10. Use dust collection vacuums and protective masks when needed.

11. When using a portable drill or drill press, clamp your work, and make sure you have not left the chuck key in the chuck.

12. Do not speak to or distract persons who are operating machines.

13. Approach every machine with the assumption that it is running. Never use your finger to clear jammed wood from around a blade.

14. If a machine is out of order or working poorly, report it to the instructor at once.

15. Report accidents and injuries at once to the instructor.

16. Never place your hands in the path of sharp cutting tools, or blades and never test the sharpness of a tool on your hand. Know where your hands are and will be as the work passes through the machine.

Your safety, and the safety of your peers, is very important. If you endanger yourself and/or others at any time you will be asked to leave the lab, and it will be your responsibility to arrange for make-up time. Students who are unable to demonstrate safe working habits may be removed from the course and assigned to another arts elective.

Please review these safety rules with a parent or guardian and sign below:

I have reviewed the Lab Safety Rules and agree to follow them:

Student Signature:_____________________________ Date:______________

I have reviewed the Lab Safety Rules with my child and acknowledge the consequences for failure to abide by the rules:

Parent Signature:______________________________ Date:_____________

I have received written confirmation that the student and parent have reviewed the Lab Safety Rules:

Teacher Signature:____________________________

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