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EV3 Line follower

Students learn construction methods with Lego Technics beams through the design of a sturdy chair, box, or other structure. Use of gears to gain increases of speed or torque are explored.

The EV3 microcomputer and EV3 programming environment are introduced. Programming using sensors, motors, sounds, and programming structures such as loops, switches, polling, and parallel sequences are explored through a series of design challenges which expose students to major areas of modern robotics. These include such areas as sociable robots, navigation problems, sumo-bots, and prosthetics.

Finally, the various building and programming techniques learned are applied to one or more open-ended design challenges, such as a rollerball chain-reaction device, robotic animal, transportation network, miniature-golf range, or exploration voyage, which emphasize engineering systems.

Throughout the course, the engineering design process of determining needs, research, developing and revising prototype hardware and software- often many times- is emphasized, as well as learning to reflect upon their designs and present them to an audience.

" In order to succeed sooner, you've got to fail more often."-


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Nexi- a sociable robot at MIT
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