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Activity Description Links
Pond Visit    
Cow Eye Dissection-  



Optic Illusions-Blind Spot-  

Blind Spot

Visual Cortex

How Color Vision Works

Optical Illusions:

Magic Eye Illusions:

Other Illusions:

Serendip Playground- Neurobiology

Tree Ring Analysis   The Life of a Tree

Gene Therapy- Tools of the Trade

Gene Therapy and Science Fiction

Strawberry DNA    http://www.ncsu.edu/kenanfellows/2002/pligon/biotech/labs/strawberry.html
Pig Heart Dissection  

Video- Sheep Heart Dissection

Heart Anatomy- Flash Movies

Open-heart surgery Video

How does the Heart Work?

Virtual Frog Dissection   Frog Guts.com
Sheep Brain Dissection  

Winter Tracks  

 Nature North


Winter Ecology    
Science of Maple Syrup  

Youtube- Collecting Maple Syrup- Part 1

Making Maple Syrup- Part II- Making Syrup

Science of Bread  


Virtual Surgery  
Edheads Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery, http://www.edheads.org/activities/hip/index.htm

Edheads Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery, http://www.edheads.org/activities/knee/index.htm

Growing Sprouts

Wheatgrass.com- Sprouting Supplies


Science of Thanksgiving  

Understanding the Science of Thanksgiving- NPR

Turkey, Tryptophan, and Sleepiness- An Urban Myth?

White Meat vs. Dark Meat

Why does Cream Whip?

Turkey Wing Dissection

Squid Dissection-  



Bacteria Cultures  

Collecting Bacteria

What are bacteria?

The Microbe Zoo

Virtual Museum of Bacteria

Counting Bacteria Colonies

Titer of bacteria= # colonies counted x dilution x 1ml/vol(ml) of sample


Spreading Technique for Bacteria Counting

Protein Synthesis  

Activity Description

Lesson Plan


Kidney Dissection

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