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Grade 8 Design-Constructiont-Expectations

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Behavior Expectations:

  • You are expected to arrive on time for class. Unexcused lateness needs to be made up after school.
  • You are expected to act professionally and respectfully towards the instructor and each other-the classroom should be a better place because you are here.
  • Students wishing to leave the classroom for bathroom, etc. must ask permission from the instructor and sign out in the log.

  • You are expected to follow all safety rules for use of tools and machines.

  • You are expected to use materials responsibly-
    • do not waste wood, or damage wood for no reason
    • paint on wood for no reason
    • Waste paint or brushes

  • You are expected to clean up. You will be graded on clean-up. This includes:
    • Putting away your own project materials in your bin( properly labeled)
    • Cleaning up your work area
    • Completing your assigned clean-up task
    • Students will be dismissed from their work area by the instructor.


    • Safety/responsible behavior/professionalism: 20%
    • Clean Up: 20%
    • Woodworking/Craftsmanship: 40%
    • Finishing: 20%


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