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Grade 8 Design-Constructiont- Kitchenware

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Kitchenware is a fun side project.

When doing spoons, make sure you gouge out the bowl before you cut out the spoon.

Look at artist pages first for ideas

Make Mock-up in corrugated cardboard first, transfer to wood

  • Gouge bowl first for spoons
  • Make relief cuts
  • Make Edge Profile cuts
  • Make face cuts
  • Shape edges with chisel
  • Glue up curvy pieces; beefing up a handle with layers
  • Smooth with 3 grades of sandpaper
  • Drill hole for hook
  • Oil Finish
  • Decoration- Don't ruin it at the end!


  • 1x4 pine
  • 1x4 radiata premium pine
  • 1x4 padauk, walnut in thin strips
  • 1x8 maple

Practice first with soft pine, then glue-up hardwoods

  • Simple spoon or spatula
  • Flatware
  • Built-up blocks and ladles
  • Try using found wood doweled together

salad tongs- 1/4" cherry or maple

Butterknife- 1/4" maple

Spoons and spatulas by Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons

You can also make a small wall rack with hooks to hold your creations.



Above: Sushi Board by Davin & Kessler

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